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There are so many reasons why people may need a loan that you really need to do some background research before you can make a decision if you are looking for which loan will be best for you. There are many factors to take into account when you are looking for a loan. You must consider what you need the loan for, how quickly you need the cash, your financial position and needs, your repayment abilities and more. Car title loans are one of the few loan types that can suit for most types of people with different types of financial needs and repayment abilities. With our car title loans in Santa Rosa, we pride ourselves in being a convenient and accessible personal loan solution.

Understanding Our Loans

Our loans are known as car title loans or auto title loans for a very good reason. The loans are secured loans that use your car as the security. This means that in order to be eligible for a loan from us, you must have a car that has a valid title in your name. You also need to be resident in the Santa Rosa area, have income and have insurance for your car. The reason why you need a car with a valid title is that for your car to become the collateral for the loan, the lender takes over the lien of the car. They hold onto this for the entire loan period, but once you have paid back the loan, you will get the lien back in your hands. Your car is also used to work out the value of the loan we can offer you. We take into account the make, model, year, mileage and condition of the car to estimate its value and then work out your loan amount accordingly. We can offer you loans that start at $2,600. As personal loans, we offer this amount in cash so you can use it for anything you choose from paying college tuition to buying a gadget you fancy.

Who Can Apply?

You might be wondering if you would be eligible for one of these loans as they seem quite attractive. In fact, if you live in the Santa Rosa area and you have a car, you will probably be eligible. These loans are suitable for all applicants and we appreciate that not everyone will have perfect credit or plenty of time to work through a slow application process. We have loans with flexible requirements to suit almost everyone. To start with, applicants can apply with good credit, bad credit or no credit score. You can also apply successfully if you are self-employed or unemployed. Be aware that you will need income as proof that you will be able to pay back the loan, but it can come from any source, even social security payments or retirement income.

How Do I Apply?

At this point, you are probably asking yourself how you can apply for one of these loans and the good news is that the whole application process contains only a few steps.

● Firstly, you need to fill in the application form, located at the top of this page. This is short and simple and you can choose whether to fill it out yourself on our website or give the information to our staff over the phone who will fill it out for you. You only need to provide some basic details about your car including its make, model, year, style and mileage. We will use this information to process your application, pre-approve you for a loan and work out a loan offer.

● You will then need to bring your paperwork into our offices. You will need to provide proof of identity (photo ID such as driver’s license), proof of residence in Santa Rosa (such as a utility bill in your name), proof of income, car title and car insurance details. If you have any questions about the paperwork, call us: (707) 207-6060.

● You will then be ready to sign the contract. We recommend that you read the details of the contract carefully. We can discuss any points you want and can negotiate points of the repayment schedule to find a solution that suits you.

● Get the cash.

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